Our Team

  • Dr. Eric Bibeau - CHTTC Director

      Eric Bibeau
    • Dr. Eric Bibeau, Associate Professor at University of Manitoba, is the director of the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre. Eric has more than 15 years experience in the field of innovative renewable energy technologies to increase the renewable energy ratio of communities. He held the NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Industrial Research Chair in Alternative Energy for 10 years.


  • Zeev Kapitanker - Mechanical Engineering Technologist

      Zeev Kapitankar
    • Zeev Kapitanker is a mechanical technologist at the University of Manitoba for the faculty of engineering and the CHTTC technical specialist. He provides technical support to students, staff and clients at the CHTTC site. Zeev is a specialist in design, manufacturing and purchasing, as well as equipment installment and maintenance. He has gained a wealth of experience at the CHTTC, participating in projects with researchers and industry partners alike.


  • Kirk Dyson - CHTTC Watercraft Safety Officer

      Kirk Dyson
    • Kirk Dyson is the facilities coordinator for the faculty of engineering at the University of Manitoba and the primary operator of all watercraft at the CHTTC. He has garnered enough experience in his time on the water to judge the safety and relative risks associated with marine activities. For this reason, he is also the designated watercraft safety officer at the CHTTC. He oversees and ensures the safety of all personnel involved marine hydrokinetic operations at the CHTTC.


  • Kaiser Bhuyan - Research Assistant

      Kaiser Bhuyan
    • Kaisar Bhuyan is a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. His research includes quantifying the sources of errors associated with riverine measurements and developing techniques to reduce the contribution of these errors. He has several years of work experience in different industries specializing in industrial facility designing, system validation and project management.


  • Raul Vaid - Research Assistant

      Raul Vaid
    • Raul Vaid is a master’s student at University of Manitoba in the Mechanical Engineering department. He is currently working with the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre on a novel concept for the design of a hydrokinetic turbine. Raul has done his B.Tech form Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


  • Jermaine Hovern - Research Assistant

      Jermaine Hovern
    • Jermaine Hovern is a dedicated Mechanical Engineering Student with an B.Eng. Honors in Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology from the University of Hertfordshire in United Kingdom. He is currently undertaking his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. His research focuses on the hydrokinetic turbine aspects of renewable engineering, where he is working with Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre to develop a fish friendly turbine.


  • Chloë Dorge - Research Assistant

      Chloë Dorge
    • Chloë Dorge is an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. She is investigating the accuracy and reliability of using rotor discs for replicating wake interactions in hydrokinetic turbine arrays. Upon completing her B.Sc. in January, 2018, Chloë intends to begin a Master’s degree on this topic.


  • Derek Neufeld - Engineer

      Derek Neufeld
    • Derek Neufeld is a professional engineer with a background in mechanical and electrical machine design and manufacturing, and has been involved with the commissioning of small scale hydrokinetic turbine in various locations around the world. In addition to providing general engineering support to CHTTC activities, Derek owns a private engineering firm in Winnipeg, where he provides consulting services in the field of autonomous energy systems.